Welcome to the Odd Podd: Embrace Your Odd World

The Odd Podd – inspiring women to enjoy a healthy lifestyle in a non-conventional way .

In this time and age, society has blinded individuals to have and crave for more on a daily basis. The downfall is that, this standard living implied by the majority results to a feeling of hopelessness. Because of this, women live an unhealthy lifestyle and forever feel insecure of themselves.

Here’s a short note for you: Many people are successful simply because they want to be. You are where you are right now because of your past decisions.

I understand your dilemmas possibly because I’ve been there too. The Odd Podd will offer inspiration on how to live a healthy lifestyle without pushing yourself too hard. After all, a healthy lifestyle is not just having a fit body alone. You also need to eat right, dress well, take care of your self, and be inspired daily.

I AM NOT A LIFE EXPERT. Everything I write are based on my personal experiences. This is to inspire you that even I, who used to be an odd girl (and still an odd woman), choose to live the life I want to have.

For questions and suggestions please share your thoughts on the comment section. Or, you may do so on my Twitter and Instagram account.

Welcome to a happy & healthy lifestyle – Welcome to The Odd Podd!



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