3 Ugly Truths The Society Has Been Teaching About Owning Your Life

Have you been following what the society teaches you about owning your life?

I should hope not. In this time and age, young girls believe that you have to love yourself just as you are. Great! Problem is – they forget to make full effort on themselves because they love the way they are. Wrong. Owning your life means beautifying your own world. Something that you can be proud of and inspire people.

Magazines, personalities, peers, even songs imply messages that really doesn’t have anything to do with owning your life. If you don’t want to read this, it’s okay.


Ugly Truth #1: Inner Beauty Is All That Matters

Yes. That’s true. Beauty on the inside ALSO matters. Inner beauty and outer beauty are correlated. Let’s not forget that. This belief is merely an excuse to cover one’s laziness. Personality and taking care of oneself should sync in with each other.


Ugly Truth #2: Marriage Is Giving Up On Life

Why would you think that way? Marriage is yet another wonderful chapter in our lives that allows us to make a better version of ourselves. The majority believes that marriage is just staying home all day looking like a doormat. This is the reason why women don’t pursue serious relationships in order to feel confident in themselves.


Ugly Truth #3: Sexy Is Slutty

There are two sides to this:

Girl #1: “I want to feel sexy, therefore I will be a loose woman.”

Girl #2: “I don’t want to be sexy – that’s dirty.”

Sexy is about knowing how to bring out the beauty in oneself and inspire other women to do the same. Short skirts, hanging clothes, whatever you appear to be is great just as long as it sends a message to yourself and others that you are confident of your sexuality.


Are you already owning your life? If yes – then just keep on moving forward. Never let the society define you, also don’t be left out. There are women out there whom you can learn from.

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