These Misconceptions About Men Might Actually Stop You From Owning Your Life

Men haters say, “Men are cheaters – they’re liars, blah blah blah!” On the other hand, majority of young women in their 20’s or so think that the men they like, is prince charming. I will be talking about the latter.

We all know that romantic novels and movies are the ones to blame. However, that’s not it – oftentimes it’s the peers or worse – their religion. Harmless as they may seem, they affect how women think about their lovers.


Misconception #1: Men Will Chase After You

For goodness’ sake, they’re not! Women tend to think that they have an awesome personality, so men will always chase after them. In real life, men don’t like the chase. It’s not that they are not faithful because they will be if they want to. Real deal is they don’t want a stuck-up, snotty, wannabe.


Misconception #2: Men Will Accept Everything You Are

Okay – now this is a pure excuse for not owning your life. As I’ve mentioned in my recent post, inner beauty and outer beauty are correlated. Just because you think you have a charming personality and all that doesn’t guarantee that men will ONLY accept that. These types of women should really stop daydreaming.


Misconception #3: Men Will Always Wait For Sex

Who thinks they will? Not even open-minded woman. In most churches, sad to say, they teach young people that sex is dirty. Growing up, they are not aware of their own sexuality. Don’t you know that majority of religious homes like in Philippines have ladies aged 15 and up are already pregnant? In the first place, religions never really have nothing to do with the human anatomy. I’m not saying that you have to be a whore either.


Men should not be an excuse for not owning your life. Impress men, I meant, great men. Through this, you’ll be aware how amazing you can be. You’ll be surprised how you’ll start to be confident with your being and enjoy its wonders.

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