Series Post: 4 Foolproof Hacks To Help You Own Your Life #1


What Do You Do To Own Your Life?

Young and old, man or woman, we all have the right to live our lives as we wish. To own your life means to make the most of living because it will then be over before we know it. As a woman, you tend to be hard on yourself. However, it’s not too late to start a life that you can call as your own.

How exactly do you own your life? You don’t have to look elsewhere – you’re on the right spot!


“It’s All About Your Lifestyle”

The Dilemma. It took me a while before I realize this. I have told myself a zillion times that I would do my research about how I could change my life. Days, months, years have passed and still nothing good happened. You could say it’s pure laziness, but hey, you’re right. It was laziness. You know why? Because those lessons never really work in the first place!


The Aftermath. Have you encountered an advice that tells you to do an action plan for a period of time? And then another action plan for the next month? The next year? I did and it was HORRIBLE. All it ever made was a stupid, paranoid, and an over thinking creature.


The Reality. My whole point is, if you want to be somebody, then be that somebody right now. Incorporate the life you always wanted into your lifestyle. Want to be healthy? Start eating healthy and working out – not for a month or some freaky monthly plan. I mean, after that month’s workout plan, do you want to be what you once were again? No! Be what you want to be every single day of your life. If you keep on planning on your mind or dreaming to be this and that, you’re not going anywhere.


To own your life, you have to stop over thinking things. Just change your lifestyle right this very moment. Personality tests, IQ tests, peers, or whatever will not determine who you are UNLESS you let it be. Your lifestyle always determines who you are. You are your lifestyle.

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