Series Post: 4 Foolproof Hacks To Help You Own Your Life #2

What Do You Do To Own Your Life?

On the first part of this series post, I talked about owning your life by simply being what you want to be everyday. Today’s post is all about having a competition to allow you to own your life. As I’ve said, to own your life means to make the most of living because it will then be over before we know it.

Are you sure you own your life? Trust me, you don’t need a psychologist or a spiritual psychic to help you own your life.


 “It’s All About Your Competition”

The Run. Have you come to a point where you just can’t stop comparing yourself to others? Everyone you know seems to be your competition, maybe even your dog (just kidding)!

And you run into Mr. Google and read some psychology hocus-pocus and VOILA! You just got a psychological disorder! Now you keep on running and competing with your peers or siblings. And it sucks being the loser every single time. And you cry and break down thinking you’ll never be better than them.


The Fall. Here’s the thing – you will never be better than that hot, blonde chick that your male friends has been hitting on. You will never be better than that intelligent and kind neighbor. You will never, ever, not in a million years will you be better than everyone – okay?


The Bottom Line.

The best part is that, no one in the entire population of the Solar System will be better than you! So that only leads to the conclusion that no human being will ever be better than another human being. We are all equal.

Do you remember the day you were born? Okay, maybe not. But as newborn babies, the only thing we brought into this crazy, mixed up world is our umbilical cord. So nobody is better than anybody else in the generic sense.

But did you know that you have someone to be competing with every single day? It’s you. As a famous quote goes, “The only competition you have, is the person you were yesterday.” Your competition is who you once were. If you don’t want to be the big ‘ol dull version of you, why not be what you want to be right this very moment?


You know you can own your life. Stop taking that personality test and stuff to determine what suits you. Be your own competition and succeed in life.

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