Series Post: 4 Foolproof Hacks To Help You Own Your Life Today #4

What Do You Do To Own Your Life?

This series post contains five foolproof hacks to let you handle your own life starting today. You do not need to wait for magic to happen or wait for the perfect situation to occur. Everyone is responsible of the lives given to him or her. Whatever your job is, your age is, this is an insight that you can apply for real. Do you own your life today? We’re down to the fourth series of this post.


“It’s All About Your Choice”


The Innocence

I grew up to be a dreamer. I thought that life would just fall in place the way it’s supposed to be. I thought that by the time I reached 20, I would have my own house, bank savings, etc. – so innocent, so naive. Sometimes, we never thought how our choices, whether big or small, shapes our lives. Everything in our lives is a result of the choices we make. There are always options available, but you never noticed them at first. You may think that ‘I can’t wear a bikini, I will just look awful’ or ‘She’s smart, I’m not.’ All we can ever see is our flaws.


The Enlightment

There comes a point in our lives where we experience an epiphany. This then changes our lives forever. These manifestations in our lives may be caused by a traumatic experience or just a boring day at the office. Whatever the cause is, they happen.


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However, do you know that you can cause your own enlightment? Yes, you do! Life is just a matter of decision-making. For example, you are struggling to get rid of your insecurities, why not get rid of them? But remember that choices come with belief and action. If you want to be a better dancer, start believing that you are already living your life as a great dancer. Be better at what you want to do. I know this sounds cliche, but I’m going to say that be who you want to be.


The Truth

You always have a choice. Be the person you want to become or become the person your haters want to become. So what if they call you fat? Let’s face it you are. You don’t like it? Then don’t be it. Stop beating yourself up. Let’s face the fact that you’re not attractive – in the current situation. Are still going to be the same person? Of course not, if you make your choices well.

Nobody is perfect but everyone – including you, can own your life. Why choose to be the person you do not want to be? Go and share this post with a friend today. They might find this helpful.


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