2 Types Of Over Thinkers

There are two types of over thinkers according to #theoddpodd: the destructive over thinker and the wise over thinker.


The Destructive Over Thinker

Being driven with your epiphany is amazing. However, if you are having too many epiphanies and you turn it into a must, then you are in one big trouble. Last weekend, I have planned to do my freelance jobs, participate in organizational meetings, and find a new home.

Everything I was planning to do had been a result of my dreams. It turns out, it didn’t happen. I felt so disappointed, so disorganized, and so useless. I realized that I have failed because I had been over thinking about it all along.

When I wake up, commuting my way to work, at work, at the bathroom, or almost everywhere, I got too excited on who I want to become. I was being harsh to myself by over thinking. What I did was move on and focus on what really matters without thinking too much.

I’m no psychology expert, but take it from my experience, having too many dreams will mentally destroy you.


The Wise Over Thinker

If you think there’s no good side to being an over thinker? Think again.

Sometimes, some over thinking, or a little bit of paranoia can help you make the right choices. For example, you do not easily splurge your money on stuff because you think all about it’s positive and negative effect. Also, you do not just make a choice because you over think it’s consequences as well as its benefits.

Control your ability to over think because not everyone can do that. If you can use over thinking as a tool for succeeding in life, then consider yourself a wise over thinker. Sometimes, it helps to bring out the ‘Sheldon Cooper’ in you.


xo, miss podd


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