The Secrets Of A Hopeless Romantic

“I’m a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind and high standards” – Unknown

A hopeless romantic is someone who keeps on expecting love but always fails. Wrong.

Some women I know in their early 20’s have been casually calling themselves “hopeless romantics.” You know why? Because they had some huge crush on some random guy who never liked them back.

It’s not that these women (or men) are evil or something. It’s just that they claim to be someone that they are actually not. Want to understand what I’m talking about? Read on – I’ll show you.


Hopeless Romantics Are Happy, But Not Overjoyed


“Hopeless romantics live with rose-colored glasses on.” – Urban Dictionary


Who ever made a conclusion that hopeless romantics are bitter and sad? According to Urban Dictionary, a hopeless romantic is someone who is in love with love. They are not creepy, but idealists, sentimental dreamers, and imaginative.


Hopeless Romantics Are Sensible, But Not Stupid


“They tap into that side of themselves that refuses to settle for less than what they deserve.” – Lifehack


Yes, hopeless romantics do get hurt. No, hopeless romantics don’t dwell on it. These individuals know that they want the real thing, especially with dating. They don’t settle with shallow friendships and superficial flings.


Hopeless Romantics Are Determined, But Not Pushy

“I am a hopeless romantic and I won’t stop until I get it right.” – Halle Berry


Not to be confused with unrequited lovers, hopeless romantics are not those that couldn’t get anyone and die lonely. In reality, they are far from hopeless. They love completely, but expect 100% in return.

If they couldn’t get it the first time, they keep on trying. However, they do not force people. They show their love but never pressure others to love them back.


Hopeless Romantics Are Honest, But Not Vocal


“Actions are the best interpreter of thoughts.” – John Locke


Loving from a distance is not their thing. Professing too much of their love wouldn’t work with them either. They know the true essence of love because they feel it so deeply (in a positive sense). In many ways, they’re affection is obvious, but they never brag about it.


Many may proclaim to be hopeless romantics, but the real ones are hard to find. Are you a hopeless romantic?

xo, miss podd


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