Fitness Boxing: Hit Like A Girl

Happy International Day Of The Girl! What was on your weekends’ Fitness List? Mine was definitely fitness boxing. And yes, I hit like a girl!

If you haven’t considered boxing yet, here are a few pointers for starters. Hint: training style might vary from one boxing gym to another.


First, you’re going to walk then jog. Sometimes, the boxing coach will let you take a walk or a jog at a certain distance or you can do it back and forth. In my case, I do the latter.


Second, you’re going to do pole stretching.

Muscle Workout

Next, you’re up for a round of workout exercises to improve abs, glutes, and other muscles. Just a word of advice: don’t push yourself too hard, our bodies have their own limitations. These exercises include the use of a medicine ball.


Jump Rope And Ladder

Now you’re up for some ladder and jump rope exercises. It’s not really a ladder though, but it’s shaped like one. You’re sort of going to do an adult hopscotch. Also, you can do jump ropes in front of the mirror.

Punch Like A Girl

Last stage would be putting on your hand wraps. And now we’re ready to rumble. This involves: speed ball training, punching bags, and one-on-one training with the coach. You will also learn punching combos, which usually start with the jab.


It seems awkward at first, but you’ll get used to it. Go on and hitΒ #LikeAGirl.



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