Dine Your Way To Fitness At Juicyfied Healthy Cafe

Want to start eating clean but don’t know what to do? Time to head off to Juicyfied Healthy Cafe!


With Ms. Pao, Ms. Kaye, Me, and Jecelle of Spashes Of Fabulous

On October 2014, best friends Pao and Kaye including Pao’s brother, Scott opened one of the happiest and healthiest cafe in the city. Tired from the 9-5 work, Kaye wanted to have her own business instead. On the other hand, Pao and Scott began their love for eating clean because of their sickly family members. Since then, the trio gave birth to a healthy cafe known as Juicyfied Healthy Cafe.


Shrimp Penne In Tomato Sauce (brown rice penne pasta in homemade organic tomato sauce)

What’s unique about this cafe is that they focus on the taste of the food. We share the same belief that healthy food doesn’t have to be bland.


Happy Place + Good Vibes + Healthy Food

Who would have thought that a cafe serving healthy food would be so vibrant and jolly? According to my experience, I never felt pressured or dull with the place. Ms. Pao, Ms. Kaye (and yes we have the same name), and the crew were all accommodating. I find the place very welcoming and happy.


Healthy Juicy Blends. My favorite is Tink (the green one). It contains apple, celery, cucumber, lemon, pineapple, and spinach.

You can freely choose a variety of dishes or snacks from the healthy menu. All their dishes are freshly made when you order, the calories are counted, and all are naturally made, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Choose your drink from their healthy juice blends which includes apple, celery, coffee, chia seeds, almond, and so on.

Visit Juicyfied Healthy Cafe at 2nd floor, TAA Center Building, F. Cabahug Street, Kasambagan, Mabolo every day from 11am – 10pm. Want to have healthy meals and detox beverages delivered to your doorstep? Call them at 0906-508-5064.

According to nutritionists, a fit body is made up of 70% clean food. What are you eating?



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