Don’t Ruin Your Diet On Your Office Christmas Party

Christmas party means Christmas feast. And Christmas feast means calorie-overload! It’s not that you’re being a Scrooge, but it’s important to keep track of what and how much you’re eating or drinking. Worrying about how not to ruin your diet on your office Christmas party? Here are 4 practical ways to do so.

Exercise Before The Party

Why wait for the holidays to be over when you can start exercising earlier? When you stay active despite the holiday craze, you will decrease your excess weight and stress. Keep your body active by engaging in a 45-minute vigorous exercise before breakfast. Not only will you burn calories fast, your metabolic rate will also improve before that Christmas feast.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Hunger and thirst releases the same hormones into the hypothalamus. And because the hypothalamus can’t distinguish if we’re thirsty or hungry, we just assume that we’re hungry. Dehydration will cause you to crave more on sweet and salty food. Drink water and wait for 15 minutes to lessen your cravings and find out if you’re hungry or just plain thirsty.

Cut Down On Alcohol

Alcohol releases dopamine which causes us to relax and desire to eat and drink alcohol more. On the other hand, drinking alcohol occasionally brings health benefits such as lower risk for high blood pressure. Thus, it’s not necessary to stop drinking alcohol, just tone it down instead. Don’t be tempted if your boss or colleagues urge you to binge drinking.

Be Human

We are not robots for goodness’ sake. No matter how you plan your diet, we still have those ‘cheat’ days. So stop the pressure of perfecting your diet, and let loose sometimes. What you can do instead is to eat a little of everything served during the Christmas party. To avoid the temptation of binge eating, gargle with mouthwash before meals and use a smaller plate.

Don’t blame the holiday season for neglecting your health – your body is still your responsibility. How will you maintain your diet on your next office Christmas party?



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